PSC is the exact opposite of a boring, competitive office environment. Everyone cringes when they hear the following words: marketing agency. PSC actually cares about our clients and treats them like family. Some marketing agencies are better to be a client for than others and it’s important you know our process and what’s “behind the scenes” as you decide if we’re the right fit to work together.  In this blog, you’ll learn what it’s like to be a client of Problem Solver’s Consultants.

It’s rare that you get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings including discussing onboarding, the day-to-day of how we interact with clients, and the results you’ll see after all the hard work we invest to improve your business. Let’s get started diving into what happens behind the scenes when you onboard as a new client at PSC and it’s like working with us. 

In this blog, we’re going to show you the inside view of: 

  • How PSC onboards new clients 
  • Which services we offer
  • Hear what our clients have to say about us

Steps To Begin Working With Problem Solver’s Consultants

The process to work with PSC was designed to be quick, easy, and painless. We’re focused on delivering growth opportunities and higher marketing ROI for your small business. 

  1. Book a meeting/discovery call

Our discovery calls usually last between 30-45 minutes where we’ll try to find out what you’ve done, what your goals are, and what results you’re expecting. We’ll share with you some of the successful strategies that we’ve used to help other organizations grow and fine-tune their marketing tactics.

  1. Choose the plan that works best from our proposal

The next step is to choose the plan that you feel works best for your business. Be sure to take the time to understand your goals and where you see your business in the next six months to a year. We are committed to helping you drive growth and marketing success that lasts. 

  1. Get onboarded and let our marketing team work for you

We’re going to discuss how we onboard new clients below but this step is also quick and we’ve set it up so it’s just a few steps and then our marketing team will begin working for you. It’s important to choose a marketing agency that has your best interests at heart and is thoroughly versed in not only getting new prospects but pushing them through the funnel so they can turn into sales and lifelong revenue for your growing business. 

  1. Grow your business

This is the easy part. Monthly you’ll receive reports from us and you’ll begin to notice your revenue and sales increase. We’re all about keeping in touch providing the highest quality marketing services and offering the right services for our clients. 

What We Do

Social Media Marketing

We create custom, one of kind social media posts to engage your potential customers and reach them wherever they are online. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snap… You get the picture!

Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.

Website Design & Landing Page Creation

Our web dev team specializes in WordPress Website creation but is knowledgeable in most programming languages so we don’t force you to buy a new website just to work with us. Our team will work within the existing website. You have to update your site and fix any basic SEO mistakes. We will also create custom landing pages in support of your online advertising efforts because there’s nothing worse than running a great ad to the wrong web page and seeing your ad budget go down the drain!

We also design, create and target social media ads to support your business’s specific marketing objectives. Whether that’s growing leads, selling more products, or growing awareness of your brand in the community we are here to help you succeed.

Complete our complimentary website audit to identify your website’s growth opportunities. 

Google & Microsoft PPC/Display Ads

Our team of certified PPC & display ads experts works to ensure every dollar of your ad spend produces the best possible results. We implement industry best practices and industry-leading software to ensure your budget gets spent on actual customers. Our fraud and bot monitoring software saves our clients hundreds of $ per month. In our experience between 22-30% of all PPC clicks are bots or fraudulent clicks that waste advertisers’ budgets.

Our team uses the latest software and technology along with our experience to create and execute a PPC strategy that’s right for your small business. We are certified by SEMRush and Google for Search Engine Marketing and Advertising. Keeping these certifications current represents our commitment to the latest best practices and strategies to ensure your budget doesn’t get wasted. We use software like SEM Rush to complete in-depth research on your brands keywords and on your competitors.

Email Marketing

Our copywriters know how to tell your story in the best possible way to connect with your customer. They craft email campaigns (NOT blasts) and newsletters that provide value and build trust with your audience. Properly done email marketing still provides the highest ROI of all marketing spend even in 2021-22.

Onboarding with Problem Solver’s Consultants 

We love working with small businesses across the U.S. We believe in helping small businesses design and execute a digital marketing strategy that fits their needs and budget.  Are you familiar with any of the companies we have worked with? Want to see if we can help your business grow?

Our steps for onboarding are simple: 

  1. Complete our short onboarding questionnaire
  2. Schedule your onboarding meeting with the team
  3. Review & approve content, landing pages, and ads created specifically for your business
  4. We handle the rest from scheduling content, updating your landing pages, posting your blogs, and running your ads!
  5. Meet with us the following month to discuss the execution and effectiveness of the previous month’s marketing and adjust the plan as needed to ensure your businesses growth and success!

*(Repeat 2-5 each month)

Contact Us If you’re interested in becoming a new client or learning more about Problem Solver’s Consultants. 

Our Focus

Running a business and handling the marketing can be a lot for a large team, and even more difficult for a small to medium-sized company. For the price of a full-time intern, we can handle your digital marketing while you focus on what’s important, running your business. We firmly believe in delivering innovative content to promote your brand. We tell your story in a way that provides results. Listen to what our clients have to say below.

“Problem Solvers Consultants has been invaluable to our business. They took our floundering attempts at marketing and gave them direction so that it is now both measurable and understandable, giving us the ability to focus our efforts to reach our target markets.” –Rich Gay, Co-Owner, A Total Solution

“Problem Solver’s has helped us immensely by consolidating our marketing efforts and letting me focus on running my Mathnasium Centers. One call or email and they do it all!” – Billy Jaynes, Owner, Mathnasium of Aliana, Atascocita, Circle C Ranch, Greatwood, & Steiner Ranch

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