Social media can be time-consuming, and managing it means taking on many different tasks from scheduling posts and creating copy, to designing graphics, looking over analytics and more. 

There are many free tools online that we can help clients implement and use.  

Here are 5 of the best free social media tools to use to help you generate leads online… 

  1. Later. Later is a tool that lets you plan and schedule your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts. It makes it easy for you to plan out your posts and then see how your feed will look. Their drag-and-drop calendar is quick and easy to use, and they will publish posts for you automatically. You can track your analytics on the platform to help figure out when is the best time to post and what hashtags are trending. 
  1. Adobe spark.  The Adobe suite offers great programs to help you with social media, but Adobe Spark can help specifically with your content. This tool is helpful in creating ads and posts that are visually catchy and captivating. You don’t need graphic experience to use Spark to create things like captivating and beautiful short videos.  
  1. Quuu. Quuu helps users create visually appealing social media content. You can choose from 500 interest categories and you’ll get content suggestions based on your choices. They’ll even give you a certain amount of suggestions per day based on your profile. This tool helps ensure you always have new and relevant posts. Quuu integrates with social tools like Hubspot, Buffer, Hootsuite and SocialBee. 
  1. Canva. Canva is a creative tool that helps with branding. You can unpload your branded fonts, color and images to make sure everything is in line with your brand. And, if you are a new business or maybe don’t have your branding solidified yet, they have over 8,000 templates to help you get started. Canva is available on any desktop so it’s easy to share throughout your team and to keep edits and changes in a central place. 
  1. Google’s Campaign URL builder. If you collaborate with other brands or work with influencers on social media, then you might want to look into setting up Google UTM tracking links. UTM, or Urchin Tracking Module, is a code you add to the end of your URL so you can track where your traffic is coming from and get insights into other information like where your visitors clicked and which keywords performed well. The five parameters you can add to your URLS are source, medium, campaign, term and content, and each one is paired with a value you assign. You can share this URL with your marketing partners or influencers to track how much traffic they generate for you to your website or landing page. 

Social media helps increase brand awareness and lead generation. No matter which tools you decide to use, make sure you keep your brand, target audience and goals in mind.  

Social media tools should save you time and get you results you could not get on your own. Look for tools that help automate processes, improve your content and give you reliable analytics to help your digital marketing continue to improve. 

We can help you find, implement and manage tools like these and many others.  

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