Workflow is something that every business relies on today. It is not a new concept anymore. Today, it is among the top trends where enterprises across industries are adopting the concept of Workflow automation for seamless business operations. It helps you to enhance workplace productivity and boost ROI. Sounds great, isn’t it? 

Let us get into it in detail. 

What exactly is workflow automation? 

It refers to a sequence of processes wherein it includes design, execution, and automation of workflows for executing business processes seamlessly and with ease. 

For many industries today, it is inevitable. Marketing workflow automation software just tops the list. It helps you amplify and experiment with your marketing campaign efforts with automated processes that give you results. So, you do not need to depend on human resources for all the work. And let us also understand one thing: Workflows are at the core of any process. It helps you to create better engagement and brand awareness with automated processes. 

If we talk about any specific industry like eCommerce or similar ones, then it would be obvious that the role of automation is huge. What comes to your mind when you immediately think of 

a marketing strategy that works for your business? 

First, you must know how well we can pitch in with the right marketing strategy to boost the efforts. Agree?  

What is an Automation workflow? 

Manual data entry can be tedious, and nobody wants to do that every time. It does not allow you to sleep and is highly prone to errors. Losing productivity and efficiency with it? 

Never bother about it; that’s why you have Automation workflows in place.

Automation Workflows are executed based on the predefined logic or sequence of activities so that you can reduce human intervention. You just have to set up and configure it well so it can be easily executed.  

You can very well use it for email campaigns, lead campaigns, trigger emails, reminders, alerts, notifications, and more. The only thing is just to redefine the logic and execute it easily. 

How does it work? 

Very simple. Let’s take an example of the below scenario: 

  • Someone visits your website and submits a form. Then they will be welcomed in via Welcome Email, and a sequence of emails just follows based on the actions that he/she takes as defined in the workflow. 
  • The automatic follow-up emails are configured so that the flow is never interrupted throughout the journey. 
  • It has multiple benefits. 
  • You can reach out with completely personalized emails that grab attention. 
  • Secondly, all your manual follow-ups are automated. You just need to set up and configure the workflow once, and it’s done! 
  • Your sales team jumps in once the workflow is completely and successfully executed so that they get some of the best leads that you have just generated. 

What are some of the Workflow Automation Tips? 

There are many tips! It is just about how many leads you generate and how you manage them through the automated workflow that matters. 

#1 Welcome Onboard Emails 

Marketing is about creating brand awareness and good-quality leads. You are almost there if you can capture and manage the leads well. So the best way to capture the lead’s attention is by getting in touch with them once they register so that the hotness of the lead is great. So, welcome the new lead to your brand. Send a fully personalized welcome email so that they do not forget you. It is a gimmick of making the leads warm as they go through the workflow. 

#2 Remarketing Workflow 

Have you ever thought of reaching out to people who have already crossed the halfway point to purchase from you? That is what Re-engagement is all about. Reach out to the warm prospects so you can get hold of them. 

Remarketing automation campaigns have found a greater impact on results as it helps you maintain the relationship with the brand. 

#3 Cart Abandonment emails 

It gives a new definition and a huge opportunity to the eCommerce industry where it helps you to get more conversions. An abandoned cart lets you, the users get back to the cart and complete the purchase so that it can give you better revenue. 

#4 Lead nurturing is highly beneficial 

Not all leads that your marketing generates are converted to sales. What do you do with these leads that are not converted? Run an effective nurturing campaign and prepare them for purchase in the short future. Add them into your nurturing bucket and start rolling out important updates and personalized messages that grab their attention and make them consider making a purchase someday. The nurtured leads are not always worth making a purchase soon, but they will eventually be closing leads. 

The campaigns for automation are not just limited to the above. You can automate every single process in your business. Email automation is an important milestone to look for in business process automation for your business. 

It not only helps you to simplify your human efforts, but it also helps your staff to focus more on the core functions so that recurring can be easily managed with ease. 

Many tools and platforms are available today for your business to take a step ahead into automation. Yoroflow, Hubspot, Sharp Spring, and Pardot are some of the tools that you can look for workflow automation and get the best out of it.