If you own a business or are an employee of one, then you probably have a profile on LinkedIn. I like to think of LinkedIn as the Facebook of business, recruiting, marketing, networking and so much more.

If you’ve dabbled in social media or digital marketing before, you may have even used LinkedIn as one of your tools. You’ve probably heard all about the importance of using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as part of your lead generation strategy, but LinkedIn is a huge contributor you don’t want to miss! So good that studies have shown that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Are you using LinkedIn to generate leads?

LinkedIn is also an effective way to search for and publish content. 94% of marketers in the B2B industry used LinkedIn to distribute content.

Generating Leads on LinkedIn and how it differs from other social media sites

While Instagram and Facebook are fun ways to see photos, videos and keep in touch with friends and family, the average LinkedIn user is on the site specifically for more professional-geared content. They are probably looking for ways to grow their business, so if you provide them with high-quality content, they are easy to convert!

Justin Shriber, Vice President of Marketing at LinkedIn, recently did an interview with HubSpot that we found helpful and intriguing.

Here are 3 key insights regarding generating leads and building a brand on LinkedIn…

  1. Create a powerful LinkedIn page. The first step to using LinkedIn is creating an account and a business page. Once the page is created, make sure it’s active with thought-provoking content and beginning networking, commenting or actively contributing to online conversations. There is a new product called LinkedIn pages, which is the next generation of Company pages. This is a free product that will allow you to stage your content, promote benefits and offer things to your target audience. To ensure your page is strong, you’ll want to post a variety of content including videos. 
  2. Use paid products to reach your target audience. By using LinkedIn’s paid products, your brand and content will be promoted and appear in your prospects’ feed. Gaining followers is not enough. Once you’ve got those followers you can use your content to turn engagement into activity and convert prospects faster and easier. For example, if you use paid ads, your target audience might click on your ad to immediately fill out a form or RSVP to an event or webinar. Their information is already saved on LinkedIn, so this is a one-touch process for them while providing your sales team with invaluable data about their industry and company.
  3. Position your profile to stand out. Ok, you have a company page, but are your people connected to it? Do your employees from the top executives down have profiles that are actively converting leads? Your profile is a sales pitch speaking to highly educated, professional and proficient people. And ultimately it should do two things for you: get you found by the right people and make them trust you and what you do. So, here are a few things you need to do on your profile:
    •  Your profile should be complete (there are 5 levels) and you should be using keywords and backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the higher you rank in search on LinkedIn, just like on Google. 
    • You will also want to optimize your images. 
    • Use a custom profile URL. Your profile will come with a default URL containing letters and numbers that mean nothing to you. We recommend creating a custom URL that uses your full name.
    • Write a creative headline. Your headline is the first thing people see when they visit your page.
    • Include a call to action at the end. Give visitors something to do or a place to go after they visit your profile.

These are a few things your company can do to use LinkedIn as a powerful lead generator tool. 

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