How to Select a Marketing Team That Works for You: Deciding whether to hire a freelancer or digital agency.

Where would your business be today without online marketing? Without social media, pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, or even a website? 

The truth is that your business would probably not be able to grow without it. Digital marketing is a must if you want to reach your business goals and growth potential. In today’s world, digital marketing is a full-time job. You need a small team in-house that can take care of your needs, or you need to hire someone externally. If you’re doing it yourself, your team handles marketing like digital content creation, scheduling ads, writing emails, posting blog posts, and more.  

Businesses can technically take this on themselves, but it is time-consuming. Most small businesses find it easier and more cost-effective just to hire an external agency or freelance marketer. Once they decide to do so, a small business is tasked with the choice: which option should they choose? 

In this blog post, we’ll tell you about both of these options to help you determine if hiring a digital agency or freelancer is the best fit for you! 

What is a Freelancer? 

A freelancer is an independent consultant with prior experience working at agencies or large corporations. With experience, they have the skills to work on their own and work for multiple clients of their choosing. 

Freelancers usually work in highly specialized areas, so it could be challenging to find a freelancer with a broader range of skills. Marketing requires a wide breadth of capabilities. If you want to hire a freelancer, in actuality, you might need to have two or three freelancers to meet your needs. For instance, a skilled writer will likely not be as skilled a developer or website designer. Expertise doesn’t develop across specialties very often, and the trades differ greatly. If you’re looking for a freelancer for one specific job, like content creation, then hiring a writer to create content for your blog, emails, and website might satisfy those needs. 

Freelancers generally have fewer projects than a digital agency and can prioritize your projects. They are flexible and work remotely, but freelancers may require more oversight, so ensure that they are reliable and work well with deadlines. Chasing down projects can make a freelancer become more of a burden than a benefit. 

How is a Digital Agency Different? 

A digital agency is a team of marketing professionals offering a range of marketing services. Each member has a different skill set, able to fulfill a wider range of needs for clients. For instance, creating a website might deploy a team of 3-4 people to complete: a copywriter, account executive, designer, and developer.  

When you work with a digital agency, you work with a team. The team aspect gives you access to more expertise and more diversity. They will all understand your business, vision, and goals and work together to create campaigns that work to benefit your business. 

Digital agencies afford structure as well. Teams work on hard deadlines and value communication within the agency and with the client. Check-ins and meetings are common, and work can be completed quickly. 

An agency can utilize a team equipped to meet the marketing requirements of both small and large businesses, and it can provide objective and candid assessments of your current campaigns.  

If your needs require a long-term relationship and more sustainable full marketing campaigns, hiring a digital marketing agency is your clear answer. Agencies are capable of handling all aspects of your digital marketing: from the copy and content to the design and implementation, reporting, and more. 

Partial Marketing Services 

Digital marketing is never all or nothing. If a business chooses to handle marketing in-house, they can still hire freelancers or digital marketing agencies to complete tasks they don’t want to. 

Hiring a digital agency can help you: 

  1. Focus on running your business 
  2. Work with experts  
  3. Stay competitive in your industry online 
  4. Understand and get measurable results 
  5. Cut down on overall costs 

As a digital agency, we offer clear insights into your marketing campaigns – we can tell you how your keywords are performing, how customers are engaging with your content, and more. We provide tips on how our clients can remain current and engage their customers. 

Hire us to help you start your marketing campaigns immediately, so you don’t have to navigate a learning curve or hire your own team. We know that you will see measurable results. 

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