Client Success Story: Pierpont Community and Technical College

Client Testimonial: Pierpont Community and Technical College


One of our favorite things about helping our clients with digital marketing is seeing their growth and success! And Pierpont Community and Technical College is no exception.


Two years ago, we began working with Pierpont to help grow their online presence, conversations and conversions. We worked (and continue to work) primarily on their website, social media accounts, email campaigns and online advertising.


Social media


When we began working together, we quickly noticed that most of their social media was run by individual departments. Every department, sports team, social club and more had their own account, but the general school social accounts were hardly being used. So, we began there—posting, communicating and helping to streamline all of the social media content. 


We focused on strategy development and really helping to prove how we could bring in new students using social content, the right way. Our team at PSC continues to help manage all of their social media accounts including all content, posts, comments and responses. We do an hour call each month to talk about events and information they would like to promote and then we handle the rest. We build new landing pages, write new content and post to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, while also responding and managing communication with students and prospects on these accounts.




With their website our goal was to work to make sure it was not only informative, but was generating leads through calls to action, landing pages and more. We’ve updated web pages to make them more usable from a marketing perspective and included more lead generation forms within their existing framework and design.


Email campaigns


Another way we helped streamline all of their digital marketing was to set up and build email campaigns that supported their social media. We began doing this and continue to do this monthly as well. 


Online advertising


And last but not least, we helped set up, run and analyze monthly ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram. We have worked within their budget and had huge success with campaigns on these platforms that have led to some of the statistics we will share below…


Digital marketing growth in 2020 compared to 2019:


  • Increased website pageviews by 311% to almost 2 million pageviews
  • Increased number of users coming to website 219% to over 125k for the year
  • Increased their Facebook reach to 1.5 million, up 246%
  • Increased engagement rate 52% on Facebook, to 3% (with the average usually being 1%)
  • Conversion rate for 2020 as a whole is 13.12%. This includes those filling out forms for applications, scheduled visits, learn more, etc.
  • Drove 6,282 conversions


We are excited to continue to see how Pierpont digital marketing success continues to grow!


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