Marketing your dental practice is something you know you should do, but do you know how? Where to start?

Marketing your practice online will bring in new patients and strengthen relationships with current ones. There are a lot of different ways to do this, but your best bet is usually a combination of several basic techniques.

Here are 4 easy steps to effectively digitally marketing your dental practice…

Build an online community. Establish a community online with social media. Post photos, upcoming contests, videos and other information your patients will want to know about. This is an easy way to keep in contact with them every day, year-round. It’s also a great way to get reviews and is an outlet for your patients to share your practice information with their friends and family members. Give them incentives to do this like contests or rewards for commenting, sharing and liking your posts. Referral marketing is powerful and costs you nearly nothing!

Focus on local SEO. If you’re not showing up in Google rankings when local people are searching for you, you’re missing out on potential patients. We like to focus our efforts on local SEO–beginning with keyword research and target audience research and development. Because if you’re not in front of the right people, you’re wasting your time and money.

Develop a strong website and content marketing strategy. The first interaction you have with patients is most likely online on your website. So make sure it’s well organized, easy to navigate through and that all of your practice information (phone number, address, etc.) is easy to spot. Use keywords in the content of your website to help your Google rank as well as in your content like blog posts, ebooks, articles or other information you offer visitors on your website. We help practices regularly add new content to drive more traffic to their websites and to help get new leads. For example, you want to make sure to collect visitor information in exchange for things you offer on your website (like FAQs, ebooks, articles, etc.). You also want to make sure to have several free calls to action where people can submit their information to you. Examples of these might be, “Fill out the form below to schedule your free consultation,” or “Fill out the form below to get 10% off your next cleaning/teeth whitening/etc.”

Run pay per click ad campaigns. Google Ads and Facebook are affordable, strong pay-per-click platforms that allow you to run ads targeted specifically to people searching for you. So if someone types in “Dallas dentist,” your practice ad will pop up on Google. We recommend using location-based keywords and using the ad descriptions and headlines to promote information that sets you apart from competitors. When we help clients with ad campaigns we begin with keyword research, create an ad campaign schedule and budget, monitor each campaign, report on the progress, edit and revise as needed and send real-time reports to our clients so they always have access to see how each campaign is performing.

These are just a few ways Problem Solver’s can help you digitally market your dental practice. In addition to these, we can help you create and send out digital appointment reminders, email campaigns, new patient information, newsletters and more. We have access to tools to set up, run or help you run any and all of these.

Need help mapping out a digital marketing plan or PPC campaign for your dental practice?

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