You’re probably already using your website to get new leads. And you probably already know that to increase traffic to your website you need to be active on social media. Sure, your email campaigns, Google Ads and Facebook online ad campaigns can all drive traffic to your site, but that doesn’t mean you can go silent on social media.

In this post we are going to show you 5 simple ways you can drive more traffic to your website using social media…

  • Make sure your web address is visible. Seems like common sense, huh? But the reality is that if people can’t see your web address, they won’t click on it which means they won’t visit your website. I can’t think of a social network that doesn’t have a designated spot (or several spots) for you to link your web address. Make sure that link is visible in your profile bio and About sections and double check that the link works!
  • Share posts and valuable information. If your company runs a press release, share it on your social channels. If you have news that is published in a news article, share it. Every time you write a blog post, share it. You get the point. The more you share, the more it helps your SEO and provides an easy outlet for people to access your website and news. 

Remember, you can share your information more than once. For example, if you share a blog post on Facebook, consider sharing it throughout the year across multiple social networks like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and more.

It’s also important to track your posts to see which ones perform the best. We can help you set this up so you can see where the most traffic is originating from.

  • Reference and refer people to your website.When people ask you questions, inquire about a service or want to know your hours or location, refer them to specific pages of your website for more information. This is an easy way to constantly send people to the exact place they are looking for information.
  • Optimize content with LSI keywords. SEO is one way to bring traffic to your website, but just remember that most simple, old school SEO strategies won’t work anymore. That’s because Google is constantly changing and adapting. For instance, Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has changed SEO drastically. Google no longer only looks at keywords. It understands topics.And this change is said to affect 90% of all searches! The best way for Google to understand the topic of your content is to integrate LSI keywords, better known as words and phrases related to your target keyword. 

For example, if you just wrote a post about email campaigns, LSI keywords would be words and phrases like email campaign templates, email marketing MailChimp, email campaign meaning, automation software, email marketing service, etc. When Google recognizes LSI keywords in your content, they validate that your content is what you say it is (which helps SEO). Here is a great free tool to help you find LSI keywords.

  • Use Calls to Action.When people interact with your social profiles you should guide them to take a next step or take action. This is called a call to action. For example these could be, “visit now,” “comment below,” “like and share,” etc. Some social media networks offer buttons for CTAs and others require you to add your own. CTAs are also a great way to gather inbound leads if you take them to a webpage or landing page where they can submit their information to you. For example, this could be to set up a meeting or appointment, or to inquire about a personal question.

These are just five simple steps you can take to increase traffic to your website using your social media accounts.

If you’re interested in learning about other ways you can enhance your digital marketing, increase traffic and convert leads, check out our digital marketing checklist for small businesses. 

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