Whether you’ve been in business for 3 or 30 years, there’s one sure way to communicate with all of your customers quickly and efficiently… and that’s through email.

Right now, you probably have a group of clients you send daily, weekly or monthly emails to. You have events, sales or special offers and people show up. You open your doors and answer your phone and clients rely on you. You’re probably even getting a good bit of traffic to your website. So slowly and surely (or fast if you’re lucky!), your business grows.

But if you’re not nurturing your clients and actively growing your email contact lists, this growth will slow… or even stop. There are many reasons to use email to communicate. One, is that it builds relationships with customers and drives them to take actions. Not only that, but it’s an easy way to let them know about new products and services you have, upcoming sales or other events going on.

Actively growing your contact lists allows you to keep an ongoing cycle of prospects, new customers and repeat customers opting in to receive information from you, so you can keep growing from your inbox and beyond!

Start simple

Not sure where to start or how to grow your list? I like to tell clients to start with a simple strategy first. And that is by always doing two things: reaching people and remembering to ask. So, what does this mean?

First of all, you’ve got to make it easy for people to join your list and make it available in several places. This could be on your website, Facebook and social media pages, blog, etc. Offer several touch points and this will make it easier for people to join your list.

You also have to ask people for their email addresses. Asking people to share their email address with you should be a routine thing, in the office and online. Be sure to always be transparent with prospects about what kind of content you’ll be sending to them too.

So now that you understand the simple two actions it takes to grow your list, let’s get more specific. Let’s talk about different ways you can reach and ask people for their information.

5 Steps to Quickly and Effectively Grow Your List…

  1. Use a paper sign-up sheet. This is one of the simplest, most effective ways to get new client information, especially if you have a retail store or brick and mortar location. With a sign-up sheet, you can communicate with people face-to-face and explain the benefits of signing up with you. Make this clear on the sheet as well. Take that paper sign-up to events and tradeshows that way you’ll always have something on hand to gather new client information.
  2. Add sign up buttons. Add sign up buttons to your emails (because not everyone who sees them is always on your list), and on your website, newsletters, social media pages, apps, etc. Make sure it is visible and easy to access from a mobile device.
  3. Use calls-to-action. Consider offering downloadable information like a whitepaper or an educational resource in exchange for an email address. This is an easy way to attract new clients and give them something in return for signing up with you.
  4. Use text-to-join. Make it fast and easy for people to sign up using their mobile device. Most email software now offers a text-to-join tool that lets people join your list by sending a text message to a custom code that’s linked to your business. Market this in your store with signs, as well as face-to-face with new customers you come in contact with.
  5. Use your Facebook page. There is so much power in gaining leads through social media nowadays. So first off, put a sign-up form directly on your Facebook page. Make it the theme of your cover photo and use the tools Facebook gives you like the “Sign Up” button. This appears near the “Like” button on the cover photo and links to your online sign-up form so Facebook visitors can easily join your mailing list. Use Facebook to run ad campaigns and run contests to boost enrollment as well.

Use these tips and more to instantly grow your mailing list!

Are you ready to get started?