Raising funds and getting donations as a non-profit has changed dramatically over the last decade. What used to be phone calls, knocking door to door, and networking in person has turned into almost all digital efforts such as creating email campaigns, landing pages, digital ad campaigns, etc.

Pretty much everything consumers do is online, so raising awareness and collecting donations for your nonprofit should be online too.

Here is our 5-step plan for creating digital marketing strategies for nonprofits…

  • Set up and execute a marketing plan. The first thing we do when we work with nonprofits is define the marketing goals and set up a digital marketing plan. Not all nonprofits will follow a cookie cutter model and we know that! We will evaluate…
    1. What your organization goals are
    2. What actions we need to take to achieve the goals
    3. What your digital marketing campaigns will focus on
    4. Who is responsible for each action of the campaign
    5. How results will be measured

For example, if one of your goals is to increase awareness and traffic to your website, we will define ways to do this and set goals, timelines and budgets.

Did you know that last year people in the U.S. gave more than 30 billion dollars online?   We also know from a poll that people admitted they are 7 times more likely to visit a nonprofit’s website in a search result than they are through social media. So, we will start with evaluating your website and work our way out from there. Set up and manage email marketing.Email is one of the best ways to reach supporters and potential donors. Whether we want to boost subscribers to your newsletters or increase awareness about a fundraising event, email is inexpensive and engaging. We partner with MailChimp to help you set up, format, execute and then report on each email campaign we run. We will also help you define calls to action so your email campaigns will get people to take action. 

  • Create content. The more content you create, the more you’ll be seen. This means creating content that matters. Content that is important and will positively impact SEO includes articles, blog posts, fact sheets, infographics and more. Your organization can use content to inform people about what you’re doing, who you’re supporting, and how donors can change lives, impact the community and more.

Quality of the content is important so we will help you identify what to create and can help write and edit the copy so it is concise, includes powerful images and more. 

Use content to tell the story about how your organization is changing the community! We will help curate and optimize this content for you.

  • Use Facebook to gather information and promote your website. Not only can you run pay-per-click campaigns on Facebook, but you can also collect data and information from your Facebook page today. Before we run a digital campaign or launch any landing pages, we will define your audience and target market. Collecting data from Facebook is an easy way to start. We will simply:
    • Set up a Facebook pixel on your site
    • Create a custom Facebook audience that target people who visit your website
    • Review the data as it populates and learn about the audience insights

Let us review your Facebook page and use it to its fullest potential to drive more traffic to your website! 

  • Measure Results. Regardless of how we set up your individual digital marketing plan, will we be sure to track and measure progress on each task. We measure the tangible and intangible and report on:
    • Cost per click (CPC) if running digital ads
    • Cost per Impression (CPM)
    • Cost per lead
    • Click through rate (CTR)
    • Landing page conversions
    • Email opt-in rates

As your marketing efforts ramp up, you will need to focus on ways to increase your organic search and the best way to measure that growth is through Google Analytics. But don’t stress. We can analyze this information for you.

At Problem Solver’s, we focus on using a combination of high-quality content, social media (organic and paid), PPC and email marketing to create and execute digital marketing strategies that provide results and save our clients time. 

We can help implement digital marketing tools that will lead to record-breaking fundraisers, increase traffic to your website and bring awareness to the community about who you are and what you stand for. 

Let’s get started today.