Google Analytics for Small Business Owners

If you own a business then you’ve probably got some sort of website or web page online. Whether it’s a one-page listing, just a few pages, or website built to complete transactions, people are able to Google your business to find out more about you, your products and services, see your location, and dial your phone number.

But, having a website is just the beginning to staying competitive in your market today.

Today, there are features that can help you learn about who is actually visiting your website and how you can grow your business online.

In this post we want to focus on a program called Google Analytics that can do this for you and so much more…

What is Google Analytics?

To some, just hearing the words Google Analytics seems too complex or overwhelming. Many clients worry about this and may even get overwhelmed thinking about the technology or the back end (coding and development) of their website. And although millions of people have websites, many site owners are still confused about what analytics can offer. So, if you’re confused or wondering about this data, you’re not alone.

However, Google Analytics doesn’t have to be difficult or complex—understanding analytics can be the boost to your sales and revenue this year, this quarter or even this month!

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that helps you see who is visiting your website (website traffic) and see how your website is performing online.

When you know what pages people are visiting and what they want to read, you will know how to give visitors the information they are looking for. Or in other words, how to keep them engaged.

Google analytics is completely free and we can help you get set up. All you need is a Google account and then we can add a tracking code to any website.

How you can use Google Analytics to grow your business

So, once the code is installed, how does this actually help you grow your business? Or help improve your website? Well for starters, here’s 5 things you can see just from having this code installed on your website…

  1. Who is coming to your website. Google analytics can tell you details like gender, age, demographics and more about who is actually looking at your website. And, if your website lets people complete transactions, you can even look at who is buying, browsing, returning to buy or just leaving your website.
  2. Where you rank on Google. There’s a rhyme and reason to who Google pulls up in the search results when you Google a service or product, and in order for people to find your website, you need to show up in this ranking. And the higher up on the page, the better. Certain keywords you use on your website can help you show up and drive a lot of traffic to your site. We can help you identify these keywords and improve what we call search engine optimization—or the way Google finds and pulls up your website when people search for you or your products/services. We will also link your Google Analytics to Google Search Console, which is another free service that can help you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your site to stay active in search results.
  3. What visitors do on your website and when they leave. When someone clicks on your website, how long do they stay or at what point do they leave? Google analytics has a feature that can tell you this.This can help you identify places that might be confusing to visitors on your site. Google analytics will tell you things like the number of page views (every time a page is opened in a browser), page visits (whether visitors are new or returning), how each visitor interacts with each page, how long they stay on a page and more.
  4. How people are getting to your website. If you’ve ever wondered how people are finding your website in the first place, now you can know. Google analytics can track where visitors come from including search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, or Bing), direct links, emails, social media, or other websites. This way, if you are doing other marketing online like ads on Google or Facebook, you can know if it’s successful or not. It can reveal numbers about how many people clicked on the ad, to how long they visited your website and more.
  5. Your sales performance rate. Google analytics can generate a Sales Performance Report that shows things like total revenue, conversion rate (who is actually buying from you) and average order value. We can customize and pull this information for you by narrowing the report down to specific day(s) or times. The graph in this report can help you easily see trends and realize which days you are having the most sales online.

Have you started using Google Analytics to grow your business yet? Or would you like to learn more about how to get started?

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