Increasing sales and profits starts with creating more engagement and getting more eyes on your website. With the right technical SEO tips, you can gain better ranking and get more people to your website.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost technical SEO fast, here are three great options.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Without a mobile-friendly website, you’re working from a flawed foundation. It might be a bit of a basic technical SEO tip, but if you miss this one, it will make ranking much harder for you.

Back in 2015, Google rolled out an algorithm update, which put an emphasis on mobile-friendly and responsive websites. Many of the top-ranking websites watched their traffic drop because they didn’t have a mobile-friendly website yet.

It was important to have a mobile-friendly website in 2015 and it’s even more important today. With a high percentage of Google searches happening on mobile devices, your website needs to show up properly.

You can use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test to find out if you’re in good shape. If your website doesn’t pass the test, it’s time to get a new mobile-friendly template and upgrade your website.

Focus on Speed

Another technical SEO tip you can use quickly to boost ranking is increasing your website speed. When you speed up your website, it will help your technical SEO and help your conversions. Speed is a big deal and a slow loading website will gain a small penalty from Google.

You could have the best content in your niche and never rank high due to slow load times. The best place to start is with the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This will give you a good idea of how fast or slow your website is and what’s causing your website to load slowly.

Some of the quick ways to speed up your website include:

  • Using browser caching
  • Optimizing your images
  • Reducing server response time
  • Using a CDN or Content Delivery Network like Cloudflare
  • Enabling Compression
  • Optimize script handling

Depending on the platform you’re using, it may be a bit different to achieve these things. With WordPress, most of the tools to speed up your website are plugins, such as WP SuperCache for browser caching. 

Install an SSL Certificate

In 2014, Google made it more important to have a secure website. They made SSL certificates a ranking signal, which makes installing one an easy and fast way to gain better technical SEO. 

When you install an SSL certificate, you will go from an HTTP to an HTTPS. This means you have encryption on your website and enhance your site’s security. 

You can get an SSL certificate from your web hosting company and it might even be included in your hosting package.

Using these three quick technical SEO tips will help your website look better in the eyes of Google and other search engines. If you’re trying to rank better for traffic, start with these simple technical SEO tips and consider enlisting the help of a Digital Marketing Agency to boost your ranking even more.