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Content Marketing

Constant creation of new engaging content such a video and photos keep customers coming back to your outlets. No longer can you create a website and leave it, but the struggle is to have a steady stream of new and visually exciting stories from social media to digital advertising. Leave that work for us.

This package includes an on-site visit every 30-60 days scheduled to create content including images, videos, and a strategy meeting. We will discuss current performance, new vital events and focus items for the upcoming 60 days. This includes image and video editing for the period.

Email Distribution

Emails play a huge role in today’s society, and in many ways, is the best communication tool to customers who are already loyal to your brand. Developing your email marketing strategy to increase sales and develops relationships.

Direct marketing through emails includes creating a template and adding content for up to two email campaigns per week and one newsletter per month for a total of up to nine emails per month. We will write the copy and edit the images/videos for use in the email campaign from bullet points/outline provided by your staff.

Social Media Distribution

Who isn’t on or uses some form of social media? It is one of the easiest ways to engage with potential customers and is the first line of a quality customer service operation.

If you need help growing your social media presence, we can publish on all major social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. We will schedule social media posts, up to five per week, monitor comments and messages, including responding using an FAQ sheet we create, and listen for passive/dark comments to monitor brand reputation and respond accordingly.

Digital Advertising

Take your social media and digital advertising to the next level and take advantage of targeted audience advertising provided by social media platforms and Google, the most used search engine. This package includes set up and targeting for ads using existing content. We will offer a monthly review of campaigns, maintenance, optimization and reporting. When performance optimization opportunities are identified, they will be executed and documented. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss all the options that are right for you.

Website Design

Proper website design and user experience (UX) is critical for your brand/business to succeed. Our team works with your business to effectively tell your story to new potential customers. We use an analytical approach to web design to ensure your site produces the desired results.

Let us help you solve your digital marketing problems.


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