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Email Marketing Is Critical to Digital Marketing Success

In a world where social media and paid advertising is all the rage, email marketing is the tried and true, ever reliable, owned form of digital marketing. Growing a social media following can help grow your business but what happens when Facebook decides to limit your reach? Oh wait…  😂

Your email list is something you own as long as you treat it right. You can take it from one email service provider to another. When done right your potential audience can’t wait to open your next message and learn about what’s going on with your business. 

Email Service Provider

Choosing the right ESP (email service provider) is an important part of your marketing. We are an official solution provider certified by Constant Contact but we always look for the right solution to fit our clients needs. You can use various providers but we have found that Constant Contact is packed with tools needed to effectively use email marketing in your business. From text2join and email autoresponders to great branded templates and custom landing pages, Constant Contact houses a full suite of tools necessary to reach your customers, track your results, and make better marketing decisions.

Proper Email Marketing Training and Resources

We stay up to date on all the latest trends, styles, tips, and tricks so you don’t have to. Don’t understand email personalization or whether it’s okay to use emoji’s in your next campaign? That’s alright because we handle it all for you. From uploading new contacts to your email list and managing your bounces to designing custom templates that match your brand/website we are able to handle it all for you. One call, text, or email letting us know your next promotion or event and we will design an email series to support it and the accompanying social media posts and ads.

Let us help you solve your digital marketing problems.


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