Insurance Agency Digital Marketing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

The insurance industry is a referral and price-driven business that bombards consumers with catchy ads, phrases and songs to get business.

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

“Allstate, are you in good hands?”

… you get the point.

But today, there are affordable, effective ways for smaller, local insurance agents/agencies to market and compete with the big guys. That’s right! Smaller, local insurance agencies CAN win business if they are marketing themselves online to the right group of people.

These opportunities online are low-cost and hyper-targeted to create a local brand. And while referrals help, these online campaigns will tie together your virtual and word-of-mouth reputations.

Here are a few key digital marketing strategies your insurance agency can implement TODAY to grow your client base…

  1. Clean up your website. It’s rare you’ll get a phone call or new referral without that person first visiting your website. So, make sure your website leaves a great first impression. Make sure it’s clean, easy to read and drives leads to take action! (ie- get a quote today). Answer basic questions on your website and make sure you have a lead-generation tool. Insurance is usually confusing so the more questions you answer transparently on your website, the more trust you earn. Blog, send out a newsletter and create posts that your clients will view as useful. This will nurture leads and increase top-of-mind awareness. Use visuals like infographics, photos and even videos to teach and inspire.
  2. Offer quick quotes. When it comes down to it, people just want to know how much your services cost in comparison to Flo (Progressive) or other agencies. We live in a digital world where estimates are calculated quickly, and consumers expect it. Don’t make them wait to get an estimate or you’ll most likely lose to your competitor. Use this process as a lead-generation tool. If you invest in creating a seamless, efficient estimate-creating process, you can market it in digital ads, email campaigns and more.
  3. Promote referrals. Offer incentives to your customers for referring new clients to you. No ad or email campaign can compete with a referral from a family member or friend. So, encourage them. Reward them. Honor them. And you’ll gain lasting business from them. This is easy to do through your social media accounts and email campaigns.
  4. Market your testimonials. Make sure to have testimonials on your website. Testimonials are almost as powerful as referrals and can convince prospects who are on the fence. Video testimonials are easily viral and can be used in digital campaigns to promote your services. Create landing pages with different client success stories to tie in with digital ads and email campaigns.
  5. Run pay-per-click ad campaigns. Set your own budget and control costs with pay per click (PPC) or cost per impression (CPM) pricing options. We can set up, run and manage these weekly, monthly or quarterly campaigns for you and will make sure to:
  6. Target the audience you want to reach
  7. Create the ads (if needed)
  8. Set a budget without contracts or long-term commitments
  9. Pay only for the ads that work- per click or per impressions
  10. Monitor each campaign and make improvements so you never waste a dollar
  11. Track the number of leads you get from your ads

At Problem Solvers we don’t claim to be experts in the insurance industry. In fact, we aren’t. But what we can do is use the combination of your high-quality content (blog posts, articles, newsletter, etc.), social media (organic and paid), pay-per-click ad campaigns and email marketing campaigns to create and execute marketing plans that provide results, save you time and generate online leads EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Do you have an ad campaign running right now that does this for you?

We help clients who are launching in to the business, to clients who have been in the industry for 20+ years stay up-to-date with digital marketing so they never lose leads online.

Are you ready to run a digital marketing campaign that brings in leads every day?

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